Annual Football Skills Competition – Mint Hill Madness

Annual Football Skills Competition

Mint Hill Madness
Annual Football Skills Competition

The NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Competition no longer exists but that’s not going to stop Mint Hill Madness from hosting their annual Football Skills Challenge on Saturday, May 25, 2017 at 1:00 pm at the Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park located at 8850 Fairview Road, Mint Hill, NC.

The Madness Football Skills Challenge is a skills competition for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 15 to compete separately against their peers.

Girls and boys in five separate age divisions compete against each other in football skills including punting, passing and place kicking. The challenge consists of each child getting one punt, one pass and one kick. The total distance of the three is then added up for a final score. Male and female winners are then crowned in each age group.

Registration is FREE and is available the day of the event.

2015 Mint Hill Madness competitor advances to state competition

8 Year old places 3rd in NFL’s State Punt, Pass & Kick Tournament

LYRICA young man named Lyric Kopera (8 years old) placed third in the NFL’s State Punt Pass & Kick competition. He lives in Mint Hill and his journey started at the local level that was hosted at Mint Hill Madness this past May.  He placed first in his age bracket and competed for a total distance in feet in the competition. Placing first again, out of 14, at the Sectional Level earned him a #3 spot at the State Level for North and South Carolina on the Panthers Practice Field. Lyric received two tickets to go to the Panthers game on December 13, 2015. All the State level winners preceded through the tunnel at the game, with the panthers players “high-fiving” the boys as they took to the field.

Lyric and his Mom believe that always playing above his age level in soccer and having his Uncle and Grandfather as mentors, were essential to his success in getting to the State Level of the NFL’s Punt, Pass & Kick competition, which is sponsored by the 32 NFL teams.


Special thanks to Jenifer Shaw of the Mint Hill Times and Brian Haislip for contributing to this report.
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