Parade – Mint Hill Madness


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Join us in downtown Mint Hill for our 35th annual all-American Mint Hill Madness parade that features more than 50 local businesses, organizations, entertainers, music groups, firetrucks and classic cars. This year’s parade will begin at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 26. The parade will run from Publix to Food Lion along Highway 51.

Closed routes

The Mint Hill Police department will not permit any vehicular traffic enter the parade route, for any reason, before, after or during the parade.

The following routes will be blocked off for the safety of parade attendees:

  • Highway 51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Road) from Highway 218 (Fairview Road) to Brighton Park Drive.

Accessing the Parade

Parking for the parade can be found around the Mint Hill Town Hall. You may be required to park a distance from the route and walk to Highway 51. When parking in the lots of local businesses, please remember to be courteous and

  • Do not block access ways, other vehicles or reserved parking areas
  • Do not leave trash, candy wrappers, or other garbage after the parade
  • Be mindful of other festival attendees and small children in your area

The Parade Application has closed for 2017

2017 Parade Grand Marshal

Klaus Siebert was born in Mulhausen, Germany, in 1938, during the Hitler regime (an actual photo exists of the infant Klaus being held by the Fuhrer). When Klaus was four years old, his father, a German soldier, was killed near Stalingrad, Russia. In 1944… READ MORE>